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  • Screens and projectors set design

    Screens and projectors set design

    20 SEP
    MD Audiovisual Services has worked in multiple places, many of which have been a great challenge. They are unique spaces where you must use a company to organize audiovisual events to squeeze all creativity and experience.
  • Design without limits - NEW Curved LED Screen

    Design without limits - NEW Curved LED Screen

    28 JUNE

    MD already has available for Rent the New 4.8mm LED Display, to continue offering innovative ideas that apply technologically. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it allows to make great designs of CURVED screen (concave and convex) ±15º.

  • ESADE Events Special edition

    ESADE Events Special edition

    19 JUNE

    ESADE Alumni Magazine analyzes events, a sector in constant boom and innovation, which is definitely recovering from the global crisis and in which they detect new trends that have been imposed and give way to future developments.

  • Spectacular shows with Watchout

    Spectacular shows with Watchout

    15 MAY
    WATCHOUT is a multi-screen software that allows you to create spectacular presentations. Watchout composes and manages all multimedia elements, such as video, still images, animations, graphics, live images, or sound, so that they can be played on several screens.
  • New 14K projectors

    New 14K projectors

    17 APR

    MD Audiovisual Services acquires CHRISTIE ROADSTER HD14K-M2 DLP 3 chips projectors.

    They are a range of flexible and efficient projectors, with 3DLP technology, which use the light more efficiently to show any image, data or video, with clarity and brilliance.
  • Tips for making a good Showcooking

    Tips for making a good Showcooking

    28 FEB

    ¿How to make a Showcooking?
    To make a good showcooking is necessary, as in the kitchen, to have a good product. Like all broadcasts for cameras, the show that shows us a show in the kitchen always deserves a study and staging in accordance with the technical and scripting needs of the client.

  • Economical audio-visual equipment to carry out a successful event

    Economical audio-visual equipment to carry out a successful event

    15 FEB

    Economical audio-visual equipment to carry out a successful event

    If you are organizing an event, you have to keep in mind that for any product presentation, celebration, internal company meeting or cultural event, the support of audiovisual material is necessary. With a tight budget, you can find smart solutions to transform any space.

  • Get the highest definition with Edge Blending

    Get the highest definition with Edge Blending

    17 DEC
    To be able to make large format screens with the highest quality, we use multiple projectors to make a single image. The current technology allows calibration to overlay these projections through an imperceptible gradient.
  • Escape Room in MD

    Escape Room in MD

    11 DEC
    Today we have had a group challenge in the office. An escape room full of fun, where it was essential to apply lateral thinking, leave the emotional blocks to one side and work in a team with pressure, ingenuity, creativity and logic.
  • Microphoning Robots

    Microphoning Robots

    10 DEC
    For years we imagined the day in which we would place a microphone on a robot. It seems like a distant moment and it will now begin to be usual. The CECOT 2018 night at the Catalonia National Theater was plenty of people from the business world.
  • Digital Revolution

    Digital Revolution

    12 SEP
    The Digital Revolution, also called the Third Industrial Revolution, is changing analog, mechanical, and electronic technology to digital technology. In this environment and in a Digital convention, we created a co-presenter called Schniri
  • New LED screen 2.6 mm

    New LED screen 2.6 mm

    12 SEP
    MD AV Services incorporates a new LED screen with a distance between pixels of only 2.6 mm (Unilumin UPADIII). This acquisition allows us to offer our customers a higher image quality, high brightness and resolution, as well as the great advantages and benefits that LED technology offers today.
  • Invisible Events I

    Invisible Events I

    12 SEP
    At MD Audiovisual Services we design the projects minimizing the visual impact in certain environments. A good example is the imposing Basilica of Santa María del Mar.