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How to reinforce corporate aesthetics by taking advantage of the sidelines of an event?


We understand as lateral the areas next to the main stage or adjacent walls. A stage or main stage must already be designed visually so that it has lighting, and main or secondary screens with LED technology or video projection.

What happens then with the side events?

The pre-production already has to resolve these doubts, normally covering these areas with extra lighting, selecting the appropriate colors or the appropriate textures for each occasion.

How to reinforce corporate aesthetics by taking advantage of the sidelines of an event?

We have the wide colorimetry offered by the lighting, covering the sides with the client's corporate colors, and it is common to use gobos or video projection to project logos, or to communicate a message.

A Gobo is a plate that, placed in front of a light source, can project the shape recorded on it. A gobo is made on a metal support, but crystal is also used. The latter allows an infinite number of designs, colors, and they are also resistant to high temperatures. The evolution of lighting has given way to plastic Gobos because LED lights did not emit as much temperature. Gobo comes from the English "goes before optics", and its use is very common in multiple events.

The gobo can project textures, but it can also be customized with the client's logo, becoming a very used resource and the perfect complement to the decoration of the sides where the action takes place. In addition to the logo, it is customary to project slogans, and its use is frequent in product launch events. The evolution of social networks has given way to the hashtag, and it is used to encourage participation.

Can we project animations on the sides of the event?

A gobo can move in all directions with mobile heads, or manually, but many clients want to project images of their brands, logos, hashtags or claims that have them previously animated in video format. This requires another technique other than the gobo, using video projectors and players. It is common to project animations at events, including video images or logos, because they can be easily changed with a single click, and in this way aesthetically complement the interventions of the different client brands with their corresponding logos, or highlight important moments that require visual support


The video projection complements the lighting, aesthetically transforming the space where the event takes place and offering more animation. MD Servicios Audiovisuales has for rent, lighting equipment for events, and different video projectors with the latest technology.

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