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Design of LED Screens for Events


An LED screen is modular, created from multiple 50 X 50 units assembled together. This allows us to create the desired measures with different sizes and formats.

Any event requires a good previous design, and the proportionality of the screen will be key on an aesthetic level. The broadcast of content in full screen will mark the proportion. A 16:9 format is the standard ratio of recent years, both for televisions and for mobile phones. This means that the contents such as videos, power points, graphics, etc., have these proportions, and the LED screen must be in proportion. From here, certain events require giant screens for large audiences, and others where the screen is a small complement to view content at a specific time.

It is important to adapt the size to the event, hence the importance of proportionality. 
A small or too large screen will break the visual aesthetics.

Content manager
A professional company in the audiovisual sector has control systems for managing live screens, which offer superior image quality. This allows you to create spectacular presentations quickly. You can compose and manage all the multimedia elements of the presentation: video, still images, animations, graphics, live images or sound, so that they can be viewed on the same screen, perfectly synchronized and in high resolution.

It is customary to generate a background (background), with the measurements of the screen, even if it is not a 16:9 format. Once the background is applied, the technicians place the contents in windows (P.I.P Picture in Picture) on top of the background. In this way, different contents can be viewed at the same time, such as placing the camera feed in one window, and power point type content or videos in another, simultaneously and with professional quality.

Modular design
LED display design can omit modules, creating unconventional layouts. It is important to find coherence between the claim and the concept of the event, with the design of the screen. It must be taken into account that, by omitting modules in the assembly of the screen, the visualization will be affected, so that in the pre-production all the contents will be created taking into account the parts where the information will not be displayed.

Designing a screen with these characteristics is a challenge, and there are many events that imply a concept, such as technology, the environment, or the economy, to name a few. Creating a design according to the concept brings a lot of personality, and creates the wow effect to the event, and translates into technologically applicable innovative ideas.

LED screens allow curves to be made, and many events opt for this type of design, providing a different, modern and enveloping aesthetic. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it allows for large screen designs, both concave and convex (±15º).

In addition, the curvature does not imply viewing the distorted contents, facilitating the viewing of all types of files and in all types of events. The viewing angle is also wide, and the image quality is superior, reaching spectacular panoramic designs. In short, a screen with an innovative, enveloping and functional design.

The back behind the speakers is called “traseras”. This can be covered by large LED screens, creating an impressive scenery. This audiovisual formula allows us to create interesting scenic proposals, with the ability to be altered through its contents, providing dynamism and high visual quality.

Using audiovisuals as a scenic resource implies carrying out a pre-production where the generated content will mark the aesthetic design of the event. The decoration is the contents, and they can be easily modified, traveling for example from NY to the African savannah with a single click.

Exhibition screen
An exhibition screen has a space in the center of the LED screen, to be able to expose all kinds of products in an integrated way to the audiovisual. This space has black sides and ceiling, creating a drawer for display. The floor is made of white methacrylate, protruding from the screen to create a greater impact.

Both the floor, the ceiling and the walls are customizable in material, designs and colours. This allows to corporatize with an aesthetic according to the brand that it exposes. Its size can be changed depending on the product to be displayed, from a clothing mannequin with a rectangular window in vertical mode, to being able to display a tree, a bicycle, or an endless number of products and sizes.

Finally, it must be taken into account that the type of support can alter the design of the LED screen. This can be located on the ground, with the support provided by the manufacturer. It can also be located on top of the stage where the event is held, or it can be hung on the wall, as is the case at fairs, or events in venues. LED screens can also be on truss structures, which allow them to be raised, and in prepared rooms or venues, they can be flown by means of motors, and allow them to be raised to the desired height.

Any of the options is valid, and the aesthetics of the event, environment, and even security for both the public and not to damage the screen, will condition your choice.

MD Servicios Audiovisuales has all the audiovisual equipment for rent to carry out any event, and offers the rental of LED screens for events.

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