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Everything you need to know about Zoom events


If you're planning a Zoom event, here's everything you need to know:



Attendee limit is 2 to 10,000, depending on license size. Plans for webinars are 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 participants. 


Zoom allows you to show the gallery of users or to be able to anchor VIP speakers. Anchoring means having 2, 6 or up to 9 speakers on the screen, whatever your selection, or 49 in gallery by computer


The application allows you to mute all users except speakers. Turning off the microphones of the attendees is very useful to avoid interference with the audio.


The event can be streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. You can also use a dedicated video server, which is used / rented for the event, and be able to embed in the client's domain.


The application allows you to ask questions in the sessions mode. It even allows you to do them anonymously. Attendees can see the questions submitted and vote for the most interesting ones. This way the host and co-hosts can see which answers will be of most interest to the attendees. Attendees can also add additional comments to submitted questions.


The live chat option can be used or disabled during the event. Private messages can be sent individually or messages to an entire group.


Zoom allows you to do live polls and know the results right away. Voting can also be done anonymously. Once completed, you can download the voting report. Only the host can edit or add votes during the meeting.


The speaker can share your desktop to show to connected users. This allows you to play any kind of presentation. The host can disable this feature when it suits you.


The application allows you to create multiple rooms called Breakout Rooms. Its usefulness is to be able to switch from the plenary room to multiple rooms to be able to carry out workshops, and so on. A Zoom meeting can be divided into up to 50 independent sessions of / up to 200 participants. If you are interested in a larger number of participants, divide it into 30 rooms with up to 400 users, or 20 rooms with up to 500 members.


Depending on the size of the event, it is advisable to hire an external company that offers a professional event-making service with Zoom. The audiovisual technicians are in charge of managing the contents according to the program of the event. Its responsibilities include anchoring and muting users, creating rooms, enabling chats, polls, and more. They are also responsible for sharing all kinds of content, such as video, audio or power points, previously organized in joint pre-production with the client.

Preliminary audio and video testing is done with speakers to minimize errors during the event. In addition, the company is responsible for hiring the dedicated server or dissemination on social networks. 

An external company makes it easy for you to work in Chroma Key (green screen), to be able to generate personalized backgrounds in graphics, as well as cameras and live production.

Daniel Valldosera
AV Head Technician
MD Audiovisual Services

MD Audiovisual Services has a long experience of events with Zoom, and brings you knowledge to make your event a success. Contact us!

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