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Tips for holding a Hybrid Event 


If you are thinking of holding a Hybrid Event, these tips can be of great help:


Hybrid Event

An face-to-face event is one that takes place in a physical space and the public attends in person. In contrast, a Virtual Event takes place online and the audience is virtually online. A Hybrid Event is the combination of both, with speakers and attendees face-to-face, but also virtually. 


Graphic design of the event

It is important to aesthetically personalize the event, with colorimetry and graphics in accordance with the image of the event, the sponsor or the corporate line of the organizing company. This is achieved through the graphic design of the start cards, the presentations, or the coffee breaks, breaks, and even achieving the same aesthetic line in the Power points of the speakers through templates previously provided to them. A careful and homogeneous design, provides a professional aesthetic line to the event. 



Many virtual events are often sponsored by companies. This is why during pre-production banners or video content are made to launch between interventions and advertise the company that sponsors the event (bumpers). The "fly" is also used, which is the term used in television to refer to the logo that appears in a corner of the screen, and that can be located above, below, left or right, depending on the aesthetics or the visual interference in the contents. 


Hybrid presentations

Speakers can attend in person, but also virtually. There are fewer and fewer limitations on the participation of online speakers, facilitating the broadcast of their content, their simultaneous translation, or their interaction.


Simultaneous translation

Through live connections, speakers participate in the event from multiple locations. Language is not a barrier for the audience thanks to simultaneous translation. Translators must be qualified interpreters and there are specialists in the different sectors of the industry. At the software level, the public has a tab where they can choose the language with which they can listen to the event. 



A hybrid event does not mean limiting the participation of the public since current technology allows for Live Chat, so that the audience can interact during the event. It can be disabled at any time, and you have the option to send group or private messages.   



A professional software for hybrid events has tools that allow you to carry out live surveys and know the results instantly. It is important that voting can be carried out anonymously, which is one of the most popular options. The software gives you a voting report and the host has the option to share the results if they wish. 


Live broadcast

Through the live racks, different cameras can be combined to broadcast a more pleasant and professional live show. There are also robotic cameras through DNI, which are operated from control and offer high image quality. 


Organizer Virtual Events

The virtual event organizer is a figure with the ability to organize an event of these characteristics. Thanks to his experience, he can offer advice and carry out a pre-production that guarantees the success of the event. Among its functions is the verification of the place, visual configuration of the direct, proposal and monitoring of content design, advice on the hiring of audiovisual equipment for both video, audio and lighting, or being in charge of pre-event rehearsals, among others. functions. Delegating the organization of a virtual event guarantees the reliability and professionalism of the event. 


Pre-event rehearsals

It is important to rehearse before the direct. The speakers interact virtually with each other, and get used to the virtual environment where they will participate later. They rehearse the entrances, exits, carry out the tests of sharing their desktop if it is the case, and the audiovisual technicians check the connection, image and sound qualities, and the multi-screen design presets for interventions with content, or of various speakers on screen. A rehearsal before the event facilitates the subsequent development of the live show both at a technical level and at the level of knowledge of the hybrid environment by the speakers.



A hybrid event is much more sustainable thanks to savings in travel for both speakers and the public (private vehicles, coaches, planes...). The same thing usually happens in the consumption of materials for the scenery in the place of the event, since the attendance of the public and speakers is reduced, consequently, the size of the sets, lighting, and everything used in the scenic field is reduced. 


Event recording

The event can be recorded in different formats and qualities, investigating in advance the capacity of the discs where it will be stored, or with which players it will be viewed. The event can remain on the network for later viewings if desired, or delete at the end or after a reasonable time.  


Dedicated server

The event can be broadcast on most platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. There is the possibility of contracting a dedicated video server, which allows the live video to be embedded in the client's web page, thus attracting the audience to the desired domain. 


Streaming for Events

Streaming for Events is a key tool in the diffusion of the event, since it must offer a high resolution of sound and image, increasing the impact and diffusion of the event. It is important to hire streaming rental companies for events, guaranteeing the reliability and professionalism of the event. 


Face-to-face events will always have a plus when it comes to motivating employees, product presentations, etc., but Hybrid Events allow you to reach more people without geographical limitations, and the current software allows professional and increasingly enjoyable live shows, without putting barriers to the creativity.


MD Audiovisual Services is a specialist in offering all the necessary technology to carry out a hybrid event, without physical or geographical limitations, for an increasingly online and interactive audience.

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