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How to minimize problems in multi-camera production for events?


It might seem like there is a basic multi-camera event rental kit out there, or even a standard crew of camera operators with the ability to work on any act, but the reality is that to minimize hassle, your success must be engineered from the ground up. pre-production, so that it translates into a professional live show with the highest quality standards. Thanks to technology, today it is feasible to carry out all kinds of events, whether underwater, or live from Mars through Chroma Key (green screen), where the background of the speakers can be replaced by any photo or video. This variety poses different challenges, therefore, the experience and specialization of camera operators is essential.
There are countless plans that can be made, all of them classified by name using their own language, so that the filmmaker can give quick and clear instructions to the camera operators. The most common are those shown in the following graph.

It might seem that the visual language for events does not require more shots, but there are countless acts that will require positioning the cameras at different angles, positions or points of view, increasing the vocabulary in the internal production circuit.

We call it a "over shoulder" when we place the camera at 45º behind the person listening, and we show the protagonist face to face. It might seem that it is a plane that is not used in events, but the reality is that it is ideal, for example, in award ceremonies, graduations, or interviews, to enhance the protagonist of the act. The same thing happens with the overhead shots for which cranes or even drones are required.

The following image shows the over shoulder shot using steadycam at the moment of receiving the diplomas in a police promotion, and the overhead shot to show the magnitude of the act, especially to the large part of the relatives who followed the event via streaming.

As for the subjective plane (Point of View), the camera is placed at the level of the protagonist's eyes, so the viewer can see the same thing as the protagonist. Its use is more frequent than it may seem, and depending on the type of event it is absolutely essential. The following image shows the launch of a watch, where the viewer is seeing exactly the same thing as the speaker.

It is clear that these events require qualified professionals, but there are specializations such as crane operators, steadycam operators, shoulder-mounted camera operators, or underwater camera operators that offer a totally different image to the act. The following image shows an underwater camera that offered shots of the synchronized swimming team.

The place of the event also determines the position of the cameras, where cameras can be located in elevated positions such as first floors for high angle shots, or enhance the architecture of the Venue with strategically located cameras.

There are events that require wireless cameras so that the operator can monitor them from anywhere, and the viewer can follow the entire event without missing a thing. Other events require aerial plans with a drone, or there are events via streaming with professionals specialized in operating robotic PTZ cameras.

Therefore, live broadcast for events are a constant challenge and require different professionals whose specialization will be key to offering a good live show. To all this must be added the control technicians, those responsible for qualifications, videos, sponsorships, content, replays, recordings and security backup, technical specialists in sound, lighting, etc.

MD Audiovisual Services has more than 30 years of experience and has made thousands of live broadcasts for events for conventions, award ceremonies, television programs, campaign rallies and all kinds of events.

We have production multi-camera racks for rent, which allow multiple cameras in Full HD. Its integrated double recording offers a high-resolution security backup. They admit qualifications and support billboards/videos for sponsorships or event content.

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