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Atem Television Studio Pro 4K Mixer


MD Servicios Audiovisuales acquires the new Atem Television Studio Pro 4K mixer from Blackmagic. The new ATEM Television Studio HD model is a professional mixer with an integrated control panel, making it ideal for high-end projects. 


Connect up to 8 television cameras 

It includes 8 12G SDI inputs, 10 auxiliary 12G SDI outputs for external recorders and a 10G Ethernet switch with 4 ports, among other features. The Atem 4K records each source separately, so you can edit images using non-linear editing systems compatible with multi-camera productions, as the files are automatically synchronized. In addition, the built-in network storage function allows editing while recording, and offers the opportunity to collaborate and share files between multiple users.

Professional broadcasts with mixes and effects 

The ATEM Television Studio model offers the opportunity to view the on-air signal and the preview at the same time, just like the mixers of large stations. It can be configured in A/B mode, which is easier for volunteers or community groups, and if you want to operate professionally, the program/preview function prevents a source from going on air until you press the CUT or AUTO buttons . This provides the ability to check the content before transmitting it and thus make fewer errors. This function is also excellent for training those who are training as professionals in the industry. 


Add stunning visuals so easy

One of the advantages of the ATEM Television Studio model is the wide variety of professional effects it offers. The CUT button allows you to cut directly between sources, while transitions can be made using the lever or automatically by pressing the AUTO button, in which case the duration will be as stipulated in the system settings. Various effect styles can also be selected, such as fades or fades to a specific color using a third source, such as a color generator. There is a wide range of curtains, as well as digital visual effects that move or compress the image until it is off-screen. 

Integrated professional visual effects 

The ATEM Television Studio HD model includes a separate channel for digital visual effects. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve amazing quality, change the position and size of compositions in real time, and create professional effects with simultaneous images (PIP), drop shadows and adaptable three-dimensional borders. On the other hand, these effects can be used in animated transitions that provide greater dynamism to transmissions. It is even easy to combine these transitions with graphic elements, in order to create personalized curtains. Additionally, the mixer features a multi-layer processing engine, called SuperSource, with four additional channels for digital visual effects. 


Internal images and graphics 

This mixer offers the opportunity to store high resolution animations and graphics for playback using media players. These appear as independent sources, so there is no need to use the SDI inputs. To ensure the highest quality, the mixer supports RGB color space with alpha channels, which applies transparencies and layers. The multimedia panel can store up to 20 graphics in HD or UHD definition. In turn, depending on the model, the graphic animations used in animated transitions can have a duration of up to 720, 360 or 90 frames in resolution 720, 1080 and 2160, respectively. For its part, the ATEM Software Control program allows you to import and manage files. It is even possible to prepare images in Photoshop and then import them from the media panel using the free plugin for this program. 


Four advanced chroma composers 

ATEM Television Studio models are ideal for newsletters and studio presentations, featuring four advanced composers for chroma overlays. Color pickers allow you to sample the background to automatically generate mask parameters. In addition, controls for edges and reflections are included, as well as a color corrector for the foreground image, so that its appearance matches that of the background, thus achieving a perfect composition. Likewise, it is possible to superimpose titles or graphics on a green or blue background. These chrominance composers make the ATEM Television Studio model ideal for creating virtual studios with fixed cameras. 


Advanced SuperSource Processor 

This mixer includes both digital visual effects and a multi-layer SuperSource processor, with one background layer plus four additional effects layers, which together generate a new signal from any source. This is ideal when using simultaneous images during an interview, as it allows you to configure the effect, so that the viewer sees the interviewees with sophisticated graphic elements. It's like having a separate mixer for special effects. 


With the new Atem Television Studio Pro 4K mixer, MD expands its racks for producing and broadcasting live content. MD Servicios Audiovisuales has extensive experience in live productions. We are specialists in both the production and the broadcast of content through projection, LED screens, Videowall, monitors or Streaming. 

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