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What is a comfort monitor?

The comfort monitor is a screen that is located in a strategic position so that the speaker can follow his presentation. It is reminiscent of a theater prompter who is the person hidden from the public who has the function of guiding the actors when they have forgotten a text. A comfort monitor is a bit of a digital prompter, where in addition to the presentation, the speaker can include many utilities that facilitate the development of his or her presentation. 
Among the advantages of a comfort monitor we highlight the following: 
Speaker's aesthetics 
The speaker should not turn his body to see the screen to the side or even behind it. By being able to follow the same presentation that is broadcast on the screen through the monitor, we avoid the speaker constantly showing his back to the audience, an aesthetic that is usually not pleasant at all. The speaker constantly looks ahead, shifting his gaze to the monitor and following his presentation with total reliability. 

Minimal visual impact 
The floor stands are designed to contain many sizes of LED televisions. Their orientation is perfect to place them close to the speaker, and a moderately large monitor size has enough dimensions to display small information. 

They can also be placed standing, more designed for the sides with a unicol support that allows the height to be adjusted for correct viewing. In the following photograph you can see two comfort monitors located to the left and right of the speaker, with floor support mode. 

Multi format 
A comfort monitor allows you to view multiple formats, highlighting Power Point, Keynote, videos (Mpeg, Quick Time, Avi...), as well as the live camera recording signal, logos and banners in jpeg, tiff, or freeze frame systems. of control. 

It is feasible to place a countdown on the comfort monitor. In this way the speaker can know at all times how much time he has left to speak, accelerating or pausing his speech. This turns out to be very useful in multi-speaker events, where delays prevent even the breaks established in the event from being respected. 
It is possible to broadcast the notes that the speaker has in his Power point. This facilitates your speech, with the annotation of key words and reminders that can facilitate the development of your intervention. 
MD Servicios Audiovisuales has lecterns, comfort monitors, and everything necessary to carry out your event for rent. For more than 30 years of experience, we have been acquiring different materials to satisfy the needs of our clients. 
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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