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vMix, the solution for live productions and streaming


The vMix is ​​a great solution for Live Productions and Streaming. This software allows an inexhaustible variety of possibilities, among which the following stand out:


The vMix allows the realization of live cameras from the software itself, without the need for additional video mixers.


The NDI service is used to receive and send without cable, such as to send the program to a zoom type streaming. Also for direct delivery to other locations. 


Current technology allows a production with robotic cameras in the VMix itself, without external video tables, avoiding a multitude of cables on set. This allows you total control of these, both in zoom, as panoramic, focus, diaphragms, etc.


The VMix offers you the possibility of recording different contents at the same time. This is used for example to record a single camera, the program or even the audio of the event.



Through software solutions such as VMix, we can perform streaming integrating static and dynamic titles. This tool has many templates integrated, but there is also the possibility of creating them to customize them to our liking and aesthetics. The possibility, for example, of being able to title the names of the speakers, brings professionalism to the live event.


The VMix has various transition effects. Effects such as cut, fade, zoom, page, etc., allow us to move from one plane to another in different ways.


VMix allows you to place a marker that can be very useful in sporting events, such as the live result of a soccer game, basketball, etc.


The timer in the VMix is ​​easy to integrate. It is used to show different times, such as how many minutes are left to see the presentation of a product, showing a countdown to create expectation in the audience.


VMix software allows to create ticker. The Ticker is the scroll, which moves the titles along the screen. They are used above all in television news and show the last minute alerts. It is easy to use and the texts can be changed at the customer's will.


The multiview option allows us to see different sources on a single screen. This is useful when, for example, we connect with different venues and we want to see all the speakers, their presentations or live connections from other areas of the location where we are on the same screen.


During the event, the VMix allows you to use the option of content screens, which are integrated live. These are used to display data such as power points, videos, different or connections, without the need to occupy the entire screen.


The VMix can receive unlimited video and image inputs. This allows you to create listings for the videos that will be released during the event.


All audio can be controlled without the need for external mixers, with professional quality and very intuitive software.


This function is mainly used in sporting events to show the replay of plays, even with the slow motion option.


Many online events are taking place on Chroma Key. The vMix allows speakers to integrate into virtual sets. This is done using the chroma key green screen, removing that color and replacing the background with a graphically generated one. The VMix has several predetermined virtual sets integrated, with different aesthetics to choose from.


The picture in picture is the superimposition of an image on top of the direct one. The VMix gives us the option of 4 layers, being able to overlay up to 4 different contents, and allows us the option of sending it in the output that we want. 


The event can be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. A dedicated video server can also be used, which is used/rented for the event.

Access here to see the Govern Digital project carried out with vMix


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