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Tips for holding events with Chroma Key


If you are thinking of holding an event with Chroma Key, these tips can be of great help...


The blue chroma key method was developed in the 1930s by the RKO Radio Pictures studio. It consists of extracting a color from an image or video and replacing the area occupied by that color with another image or video. Imagine recording a person on a blue background, then replacing that background with another image, such as another location.


The color green is currently used as the most common backdrop. This is because the image sensors in digital video cameras are more sensitive to green, and this sensitivity allows less light to be used to illuminate green. Green Chroma Key has also been implemented more because blue is a more frequently used color, such as in jeans, blue t-shirts, or even the actors' eyes. This was a big problem because by removing the background, the actor's legs would also disappear if he was wearing blue jeans. Remember that during the recording the speaker cannot wear green since it would not be seen on the screen.


Online events have broken physical and geographical barriers. Thanks to streaming, the audience can follow the event live from anywhere with an internet connection. The implementation of virtual events has brought a wide range of technology, and the possibility of creating a background according to our presentation, recording the speaker on a green screen to replace the background. 


Currently there are different possibilities to record the interventions in chroma. One of them is on a professional set, with a green cyclorama. The cyclorama is designed to create an effect of depth, joining the ground with the bottom through a small curve. But there are also portable chromas of different sizes, which allow the event to be held from the client's facilities. They are easy to install fabrics and whose result is highly professional.


Only creativity limits the endless possibilities for creating virtual backgrounds. These scenarios can be done through graphics, photographs or video. Scenarios can be created with multiple designs, corporate according to the client's aesthetic line, backgrounds with a more technological line, evoking an environmental concept, like a TV news set, or whatever option we have in mind. The vMix is professional software ideal for streaming, and in addition to performing Chroma Key, it has several predetermined virtual sets integrated, with different aesthetics to choose from.


Current technology allows live chroma keying, so it can be broadcast instantly. It can be configured to be viewed from different planes by performing live cameras. This allows us to go from a medium shot, to a general, American shot, etc., and the background is consistent with the proportions of the shot.


Making a presentation with a green background does not prevent you from having the virtues that online events currently offer. One of these is the interaction with the audience that the presenter/speaker can see and hear live from the same set.


Through the vMix we can integrate other speakers that we are recording in chroma key in other locations into the virtual set. These can interact as if they were in the same location, with the same proportions as if it were a real set.

And the advantages of software such as vMix, such as qualifications, timer, scoreboard, etc.

Josep Martinez
AV Technician
MD Audiovisual Services

MD Servicios Audiovisuales has VMix and the ability to broadcast events online with Chroma Key, both on set and with portable Chroma to hold the event from the client's location. Contact us!


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