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Everything you need to know to design your own Virtual Set 


This is all you need to know to be able to design your own Virtual Set, so that it is in accordance with your aesthetics or your corporate image.

Virtual Sets are among the infinite solutions offered by MD in live and Streaming productions. Before designing your own environment it is important to know that: 


Virtual Set

A Virtual Set is a digitally created scenario that allows incorporating people and integrating them to the desired scale for their interaction in it. 


Digital stage

There are multiple scenarios that you can choose from, from TV sets, to illuminated scenarios with different platforms, platforms, environments, etc. Everything will depend on how and what you want to communicate. 


Screens Content

A Virtual Set allows you to show multiple contents, from Power Points, to videos, animations, live cameras, etc. For them, screens strategically placed on the stage are designed to allow content to be seen with an aesthetic in accordance with the global aesthetic. 


Chroma Key

The speakers are broadcast rigorously live thanks to Chroma Key. This audiovisual technique allows the speaker to be recorded in front of a green screen, and the background color to be replaced by the Virtual Set, so that the speaker is integrated into the Virtual Set. MD Audiovisual Services offers different options, from portable Chromas to assemble the set from the client's own facilities, to professional sets with green cycloramas prepared for this purpose. Both options are equally effective, and your choice will depend on the space, its loudness, its height, and so on. 


Direct/False Direct

Current technology allows direct combining multiple contents with total reliability. You can also make the recording before its broadcast and broadcast it simulating that we are live. This option (fake direct) is usually done to avoid possible failures in the direct and correct them in post production before broadcast. 



The speaker, also called Talent, can be located on the desired scale, and even behind TV set-type tables. The recording can be done remotely, and even combine different talents to share scenarios. Although the Talent is speaking in front of the green screen, you can always know what is happening in the Virtual Set through LED monitors that show you the final result. The same happens with the sound, since the Talent listens to both the audio of the contents, as well as the sound of the possible live connections.


Live connections

It is very common to make live connections that are displayed on the screens of the Virtual Set. There are no geographical or physical limits, and content managers are prepared to offer security when combining direct, and that they can interact with total reliability. You can also be recording the external Talent in Chroma Key, and place it on the same scale next to the main talent (presenter).  Knowing all these parameters, you can begin to imagine the design of your own Virtual Set, inventing your scenario, locating screens for content and live connections, imagining the location of the Talent(s), and corporatizing its aesthetics to your liking. 


Design your own Virtual Set

MD Audiovisual Services offers you the ability to create your own Virtual Set from scratch. Surely your message or your corporate aesthetic is not consistent with the pre-established Virtual Sets, and although the market offers many options, the investment in the design of a Virtual Set can be very economical, offering an original and highly professional result. At MD we create Virtual Sets designing digital scenarios, their colorimetry, their purpose, and with the possibility of placing products, logos, or claims, to transmit your values ​​or those of your brand.


MD Servicios Audiovisuales programs these Virtual Sets to locate the spaces where the contents will be broadcast, configuring their number, size and location, perspective or rotation, and always under the supervision and aesthetic acceptance of the client. The programming is also done to be able to make a live show with different shots, from general shots that show the whole set, to shorter shots of the Talent, Zooms, American shots, or joint shots of the Talent with the connection screens. MD Servicios Audiovisuales makes these programs according to the type of direct, its dynamics, aesthetic speed and number of connections. 


Click here to see the project EIT Urban Mobility Virtual Set 


If you are thinking of making a professional direct from a Virtual Set, MD advises you on your online event, offering you design and programming. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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