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How to light an event to generate emotions?


The Ared Foundation's mission is to accompany people at high risk of vulnerability, mostly women who come from prisons or social services, so that they achieve full integration into society. The Nit d'Ared has been celebrated in the Model, the old penitentiary center of Barcelona. The key to the event is to understand that the event will be special, because the place brings interest, value to the brand and emotions. Therefore, the Model is the perfect Venue to host an evening to celebrate the fact that the social and labor integration of people in vulnerable situations is possible.

Audiovisuals offer the possibility of reconverting the space, and this is an exciting creative challenge, starting with light, which requires preferential treatment, since its design and colorimetry add personality and aesthetics to the event. In the following two photographs you can see the total reconversion of the space through professional lighting.

Visually the change is evident, but behind the aesthetics there are hidden emotions that the audience will perceive. Colors have a strong emotional impact on people, and this study is called "color psychology". Therefore it is not surprising that advertisers and brands are aware of this, and use color to generate emotions. 
In the following graphic created by "The Logo Company", you can see the guide of color emotions, with their meanings and examples of application in brands.

But chromatic choices go back to great painters, who were already experimenting with emotions. One of them is Wassily Kandinsky, born in Russia in 1866. He was a great theoretician of abstract art, and came to create his theory of color to convey feelings.

Another great example is the Dutch avant-garde painter born in 1872 Piet Mondrian, who also used color, especially primary colors, as an emotional generator. His work is exhibited in the best museums in the world, and despite its apparent simplicity, it does not leave us indifferent due to its colorimetric impact.

Going back to event lighting, it is possible to use this psychology of color through lighting. Red conveys love, warmth and passion, but also danger, concepts that were wanted to be conveyed in an event dedicated to people at high risk of vulnerability.

Brightness, hue, and saturation are the three main qualities of light in relation to color. A dimly lit event, or a bright atmosphere, also influences our mood. Saturation is the intensity of the color, and hue is the hue of the color. Three qualities that can influence moods, generating atmospheres that will invite reflection.

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