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Audiovisual Scenography, the art of Customize Events


Pre-production of an event is key to the end result. Spaces have endless possibilities, as much as the human mind can generate. It is essential to learn to visualize the events. It's about moving forward to the present and visualizing the future with the lights, the audiovisual, the music, the sets, the message and even the audience.

In the first face-to-face meeting of the Meetings and Events industry, the Venues Connect Forum 2020, it has been confirmed that uniqueness of space, personal treatment and sustainability are the three major trends in the MICE Sector. More than 140 professionals attended, both Event Planners and production suppliers, as Venues Singulares from all over Spain.

Rubén Fontal, head of the platform that connects corporate event providers and customers, highlighted the demand for very spacious and open spaces for customization.

It reminds us of a blank canvas where an artist can create endless possibilities.

Andrés Merino, founder and CEO of Iberian MICE Forums (Vennues Connect Forum organizing company), emphasizes that the uniqueness of Venue is one of the current demands. That spaces are increasingly being sought with more personality and soul. He said that the Venue is a vehicle for the message that the brand wants to convey with its event. If Venue is used as a vehicle for the message that the brand wants to convey through its event, it will obviously have to be customized according to the message.

Audiovisuals are the ideal vehicle to customize spaces. Lighting can change the appearance of the event, and the limit is only in the imagination. The same happens with sound, which has the ability to transport us to different places, times or themes. Audiovisual equipment such as projectors, monitors or LED screens complete the trip. Audiovisual scenery is an art, for its attractive designs, but above all for the ability to customize any space.
MD Servicios Audiovisuales is Venues Audiovisual Partner, providing all the equipment to customize the space. From corporate lighting and according to the claim, as the screens we designed as a set. Any small detail is analyzed in pre-production, including the music of the event. This creates an atmosphere according to the claim or the personality of the event.

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MD Audiovisual Services offers advice and audiovisual technical production, and has its own resources to technically carry out your event. 

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