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5 keys to holding an event at a Venue


The translation of Venues is spaces. Venues is an English word that in the events sector is used for all those places that are not venues or hotels. We can imagine events in places as unique as wineries, where through creative pre-production, the needs of the client can be perfectly covered, becoming the ideal space.


Unlimited Creativity

1- In any space you can celebrate an event, both private and company. The possibilities are endless both outdoors and indoors, and many places have the expertise to pull them off. We are talking about wineries, museums, parks and gardens, industrial buildings, emblematic buildings, and endless possibilities. You just have to be clear about the type of celebration, the number of attendees and the activities that you want to carry out.

Its singularity is not synonymous with ease, and it requires professional suppliers that do not limit the creativity of the event.

In pre-production, ideas and their consequent challenges will appear due to the uniqueness of the space, so it is essential to have suppliers with the necessary capacity and experience to carry them out. Not limiting creativity is a key factor when holding an event in a venue.


Reconversion of the space

2- At the level of audiovisual equipment and decoration, it is a challenge, mainly because we are going to reconvert a special space, creating a new set, and its originality must be maintained to the maximum. We are talking about aesthetics, merging the space with the company, the brand or the product. There are many factors that must be assessed when converting a unique space, such as the lighting of the space, which will change its colorimetry, or the audiovisuals that we will use as audiovisual support, because many of the venues have blind spots, or multiple columns that prevent the visibility of the main set where the event occurs. This requires audiovisual support to deliver both the image and the sound to any point in space.

Working in a venue requires professionals who offer technical production and advice, because this will translate into good planning of the event, and a non-invasive reconversion to maintain the aesthetics of the venue.


Time control

3- Iberian MICE Forum carried out a survey among Event Planners where it has been revealed that 100% of those surveyed say that location and accessibility condition the choice. 71% of those surveyed prefer to celebrate gala dinners and night parties in these spaces, and not in the rooms of a hotel. The survey was carried out among more than 100 professionals from the sector, gathered in the presentation of the Venues Connect Forum. 50% of those surveyed opt for Venues in the case of meetings or product launches, with durations that do not exceed noon or a full day. The study was promoted by Jordi Nexus through the Sparkup platform and provides us with very useful data for companies in the service sector. The fact that they do not exceed noon or a full day implies condensing the possible performances, the wow effects, the talks, presentations, catering, raffles, gifts, content broadcast or gamification, among others. To this must be added assembly times and pre-act rehearsals to make a spectacular event. The production in this type of event will be key when it comes to controlling the times, and this function falls on the event planner, an essential figure and metronome of the event. Their experience will translate into good planning of the event, and total control over the times by way of assembly and act schedules, even coordinating factors such as transport, unloading times, catering for assembly technicians, etc.


Difficulty Vs Quality

4- MD Audiovisual Services has worked in multiple venues, and from our experience, the uniqueness of the space cannot limit quality. Many spaces are not usually prepared for the magnitude of the event. We are talking about power at the current level, lack of air conditioning, complexity of the space, bad sound, blind visual angles, lack of spaces adjacent to the main event, etc. Today, having good partners means providing solutions to any difficulty. We have attended large events where rental air conditioners have been installed, or electric generators with the capacity to supply the required power have been brought. We have provided sound with high sound clarity both in large outdoor spaces and in complex places due to poor acoustics. And we have verified how the lack of contiguous spaces for the preparation of catering, or for making cocktails, have been creatively relocated without impeding the professionalism of the act. A unique space should not be synonymous with low quality, and despite the difficulties that may arise, they can be solved with professional companies that have the necessary experience to work in venues.


Venue, a unique setting

5- The key to the event is to understand that the event will be special, because the place brings interest, value to the brand and emotions. For this reason, the choice of the venue requires many factors, some of them previously mentioned, such as the general equipment of the Venue at the level of spaces, power supplies, assembly and download facilities, assistance capacities, type of event, etc. But there is also an emotional link with the venue, with the ability to become a unique setting, lasting in the memory of your attendees, and adding value to your brand. And this factor is paramount, and hence the importance of your choice.

Suppliers must have the ability to provide the sensitivities required by the event, understand the emotional part of the act, working with an aesthetic plus, and understanding of the space.

MD Audiovisual Services has illuminated multiple venues, adapting the lighting to the environment, many of them listed as historical-artistic monuments of national interest. We have provided sound in countless spaces, with professional acoustic quality, and we have all the audiovisual equipment to create attractive sets that adapt to the space, such as LED screens, laser projectors, screens and monitors.

We offer advice and technical production, and we get fully involved in the projects.

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