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MD day 2019 with EL Mago POP


One more year we have done the MD day 2019 and this time with a luxury guest: Antonio Díaz, EL Mago POP.

Our group activity has revolved around magic that is a great way to stimulate creativity and make the impossible, possible.

We have started the day with a previous conference on illusionism, creative collaboration, visualization, creative wastebasket, emotional blockages and so on.

Then it was revealed who was the surprise guest (Antonio Díaz, the highest grossing illusionist in Europe).

The activity was completed by preparing questions about the conference to ask the guest.

Antonio told us:

"It helps me a lot to explain the projects before carrying them out. By verbalizing it I can see the reaction of the people, their joys or indifferences, and it helps me to visualize myself on stage."

As for the live, Antonio is clear:

"Truth that a pilot can not fail ?. Us neither."

“My profession cannot tolerate dismissal! We use a checklist that serves as a guide, and the doors of the theater do not open without checking every detail ”

"From a technician I value the experience more. Of course, passion and enthusiasm are very good, but I prefer them with experience. We are talking about a show with more than 2500 light presets"

There was also time to talk about creativity:

"In my beginnings it has been very frustrating to lose money developing new ideas and illusions. I have assumed that creativity is not always going to pay off. Now I dedicate a part of the budget to play (R&D) "

With his answers, Antonio Díaz has given us an authentic master class, sharing many of his knowledge and experiences, inspiring the group, making us feel the real magic and showing us that Nothing is Impossible.


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