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Audiovisual production for a millennial congress

Audiovisual rental for an online event

MD Audiovisual Services offers you the ability to broadcast your event online, with a live broadcast that can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection, and easily inserted into social networks or dedicated servers.

Audiovisual rental for an online event

We offer for rent all the audiovisual equipment necessary for an online event, with a license to admit up to 10,000 attendees. We advise you on anchoring, muting, or on how to make rooms and workshops.

We have professional software with tools that allow you to carry out live surveys and know the results instantly. Current technology allows having Live Chat, so that the audience can interact during the event. It can be disabled at any time, and you have the option to send group or private messages.

MD audiovisual services offers you the possibility of holding your event from a studio, with 100m2 of professional set, VIP area, 10X15 white Cyclorama, Chroma Key Cyclorama (green screen), and different audiovisual sets (LED screen, flat, concave and convex , as well as laser projection, screens, etc.

We offer a wide variety of LED lighting for rent. Spectacular lights with professional control systems and wireless technology

We also have virtual sets by recording in chroma key (green screen), with the ability to customize them with the client's corporate aesthetics. We have a large rental stock of LED screens and the ability to customize them according to the theme of the event. Its versatility thanks to its composition through modules, allows the formation of multiple designs and sizes, even offering the rental of giant LED screens. MD also offers curved LED screen rental. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it allows you to create large CURVED screen designs (CONCAVE and CONVEX) ±15º.

Through the production racks, various cameras can be combined to broadcast a live show more enjoyable and professional. There are also robotic cameras through DNI, which are operated from control and offer high image quality. The event can be recorded in different formats and qualities, inquiring beforehand the capacity of the disks where it will be stored, or with which players will be viewed The event can remain on the network for subsequent viewings if desired, or be deleted at the end or after a reasonable time.
In addition to the insertion of all types of content (Ppt, Keynote, Movs, Mpegs, Avi, Mp3, Wav or Aiff, etc.), the broadcast will be easily inserted in social networks, or in a dedicated server to be able to view it on the client's website.

An online event is much more sustainable thanks to the savings in travel for both speakers and the public (private vehicles, buses, planes...) The same thing usually happens in the consumption of materials for the scenery at the event venue, since it is reduced the attendance of the public and speakers, therefore, the size of the sets, lighting, and everything used in the stage are reduced.

We have carried out online events in presentations for large food, sports or pharmacy brands, online contests, cultural events , etc.

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What is an online event?
An online event is one that takes place in the digital environment, being able to attend or intervene from anywhere with an internet connection.
Is a presenter often used for this type of event?
A presenter or driver of the event improves the quality of the event, energizing, moderating, interacting with speakers and the audience, etc.
Is it necessary to rent a set to hold an online event?
There's no need. A set allows it to be adapted on an aesthetic level, but events are held from the client's offices, historic buildings, convention halls, fairs, etc.
Are there geographical limits for the speakers or attendees?
There is no geographical limit, and it is only necessary to have a good connection to the network.
How many virtual assistants can connect?
The limit of attendees is from 2 to 10,000, depending on the size of the license. Plans for webinars are for 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 participants.
Does the application allow you to ask questions?
The application allows you to ask questions in meeting mode. It even allows you to do them anonymously. Attendees can view submitted questions and vote for the most interesting ones. This way the host and co-hosts can see which answers will interest attendees the most.
Can rooms or workshops be held?
The application allows you to create multiple rooms called Breakout Rooms. Its usefulness is to be able to switch from the plenary room to multiple rooms to hold workshops, etc. A meeting can be divided into up to 50 independent sessions of/up to 200 participants.
What is the difference between gallery and anchor?
The gallery allows you to show users in the online broadcast. There is the possibility of pinning VIP speakers. Pinning means being able to have 2, 6 or up to 9 speakers fixed on the screen, whatever your selection, or 49 in a computer gallery.
Is it necessary to hire an external audiovisual services company?
Depending on the magnitude of the event, it is advisable to hire an external company that offers a professional online event hosting service. The audiovisual technicians are in charge of managing the content according to the event program. Among its responsibilities are pinning and muting users, creating rooms, enabling chats, surveys, etc. They are also responsible for sharing all types of content, such as video, audio or power points, previously organized in pre-production.
Are there portable production racks?
The production racks are designed to rent and install at events. They have several integrated monitors, a mixing console, and a double recorder to have a security backup.