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Tips for making a good Showcooking


¿How to make a Showcooking?
To make a good showcooking is necessary, as in the kitchen, to have a good product. Like all broadcasts for cameras, the show that shows us a show in the kitchen always deserves a study and staging in accordance with the technical and scripting needs of the client.

CAMERAS Showcooking

We will always try to put a totally zenithic camera on the action. The ground floor offers the point of view from the top so that the public does not lose any detail. You can use robotic cameras by placing 2 and even three CCTV cameras.
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For the optimal performance of the event, a front camera with an operator is also used for the presenter / cooker's plan. If the project allows a third camera on the shoulder, steady-cam or traveling near the chef, the final result wins in quality.

Being a televised act we have to study the aesthetics of the plans. The location of logos is often frequent if there is collaboration of product brands, household appliances, restaurants, and so on. Even in the front panel of the cook presenter a background with logos (photocall type) can be placed. The use of celebrities is a good advertising claim, using them as a kitchen assistant, creating a well-known event.
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LIGHTING Showcooking

Another very important element for performing showcooking is lighting. Having the well-lit set is the key to success so that the retransmission looks as it deserves. Good front focuses will show the scene and supported by some focus behind the action, called contres, this will have the necessary effect and depth.

SOUND Showcooking
Sounding is another element to keep in mind when preparing a showcooking. Headband microphones give solution to two aspects at once; They offer absolute freedom of movement to the cook, and they allow a clear and unequaled voice quality. The sound system will depend on the final needs of the client, with the possibility of recording, sending or broadcasting in space through loudspeakers placed according to the dimensions of the room and the influx of audiences.

With all these elements, the video broadcast on the show includes multiple destinations. From large-format led screens placed in space, to projections and screens of large size, passing through monitors of different inches distributed by the set,
DIFFUSION Showcooking
Streaming for real-time streaming through dedicated servers, allows you to reach anywhere. The dissemination in social networks increases the magnitude of the act. The possibilities of spreading visual content are almost infinite.

And once we have the set with the cameras, lighting and sounding prepared we only need to have the best technical and human team to carry out the event.  

The perfect equation arises when combining all these elements and mix them with the enthusiasm and desire of a good team of confidence.  

Albert Roldós
Event Producer

MD Audiovisual Services
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MD Audiovisual Services offers advice and audiovisual technical production, and has its own resources to technically carry out your event. 

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