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Hybrid Events


The physical or geographical limitations for an increasingly online and interactive audience are over. Through internet access, anyone in the world can participate in both question times, interact with the speakers and actively participate in the event. Hybrid Events are more profitable, facilitate networking interacting in networks and are more sustainable. Gamification uses game techniques to transmit knowledge and Streaming for Events is a key tool in broadcasting, with live broadcasting through mobile realization systems, with multiple cameras. that offer a high resolution of sound and image increasing the impact and diffusion of the event. Face-to-face events will always have a plus when it comes to motivating employees, product presentations and so on, but a new figure emerges with the ability to combine both: The Virtual event organizer.

There have been multiple events that MD Servicios Audiovisuales has carried out to broadcast on Streaming and the trend is growing. You also minimize the impact on the environment, without the need for air travel and the large volume of waste generated by a national or international event, such as restaurants, hotels and so on. Hybrid Events are more sustainable and do not have temporary barriers. The public can view it live, but also play it later because it can be uploaded to the network.


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