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Audiovisual production for a millennial congress

Streaming rental for event broadcasting

MD Audiovisual Services is a company that broadcasts streaming events and offers installation and supervision. Live broadcasts easy to visualize from any place where internet connection is available. 

Professional streaming without interruptions and insertable in social networks.

This type of technology works through a data buffer that stores the download stream on the user's station to immediately show the downloaded material.

If you are looking for a streaming company without interruptions and easily inserted into any social network, website or blog, MD is a specialist in streaming conferences and events. In-person events and hybrid events.

We offer the possibility of having chat during the event, conducting surveys, rooms and workshops, qualifications, scoreboard, timer, ticker and content screens.

Thanks to our control systems, we offer the pip option with the ability to integrate multiple layers. We compose the camera signal with the live screen signal (Ppt, Keynote, videos, YouTube, Vimeo...) in the same image. We offer the design of backgrounds where these images can be integrated, and the possibility of corporatizing them with the event logo, brand or claim.

In addition, MD has mobile production systems, with multiple cameras that offer high resolution of sound and image. Racks that integrate recorders in multiple formats, and backup recording to avoid unwanted problems. Current technology allows for a realization with robotic cameras. This allows you full control of these, both in zoom, panoramic, focus, diaphragms, etc.

Streaming helps avoid travel costs since the event can be followed from any computer. New digital users use their multiple mobile devices (Tablets, phones, etc.) to access information without location barriers.

Streaming is a key tool in the dissemination of current events, increasing its impact and dissemination. MD offers streaming rental for events in Barcelona and the rest of the peninsula. We create content to be broadcast during the broadcast, such as easily insertable sponsorship capsules.

The event can be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. You can also use a dedicated video server, which is used/rented for the event.

We rent and install audiovisual equipment, 24/365 service

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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What is the number of attendees for a Streaming event?
Via Zoom, the limit of attendees is from 2 to 10,000, depending on the size of the license. Webinar plans are for 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 participants.
Is it possible to pin VIP speakers?
Zoom allows you to show the gallery of users or to be able to pin the VIP speakers. Anchoring means being able to have 2, 6 or up to 9 speakers fixed on the screen, whatever your selection, or 49 in a computer gallery.
Can attendees be muted?
The application allows you to silence (mute) all users except the speakers. Turning off the microphones of the attendees is very useful to avoid interference in the audio.
Can I broadcast the event on social networks or on my website?
The event can be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. You can also use a dedicated video server, which is used/rented for the event and can be embedded in the client's domain.
Can I enable a chat in streaming?
During the event you can use the live chat option or disable its use. You can send private messages individually or messages to a whole group
Can the speaker share a desk?
The presenter can share his desktop to show it to the connected users. This allows you to play any type of presentation. The host can disable this feature at their convenience.
Can the names and positions of the speakers be titled?
There is no problem in title names and positions. Through software solutions such as VMix, we can perform streaming integrating static and dynamic titles. This tool has many templates integrated, but there is also the possibility of creating them to customize them to our liking and aesthetics.
Can the event be broadcast through multi-camera production?
It is feasible and recommended to broadcast the event with multiple cameras, to bring professionalism to the streaming. Current technology allows making a production with robotic cameras in the VMix itself, without external video tables. This allows you full control of these, both in zoom, as panoramic, focus, diaphragms, etc.
Can the event be broadcast from a professional set or from my company?
It is possible to carry out an online event from a professional set, or from anywhere, breaking the barriers of physical and geographical limitations, for an audience that is increasingly online and interactive.
What is the multiview option?
The multiview option allows us to see different sources on a single screen. This is useful when, for example, we connect with different venues and we want to see all the speakers, their presentations or live connections from other areas of the location where we are located on the same screen.