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Sound equipment rental Nexo GEO M10


As a sound equipment rental company in Barcelona, ​​MD Audiovisual Services expands its stock with the new and powerful Nexo Geo M10.

With only 531mm wide and 21Kg in weight, NEXO's extraordinary GEO M10 combines different patented technologies with advanced DSP control and an integral hanging system without loose parts to create a compact, powerful and broadband module that can be deployed quickly and easily in arrays hung or stacked on the ground.

All GEO M10 boxes use the ingenious AutoRig ™ integral hanging system, which complies with TÜV standards and has no external or loose parts. There are a total of 9 possible angles between boxes, which can easily and quickly be selected from the back of the box by means of a single integrated ball and cable lock, and a guide for the alignment of the holes.
MD Audiovisual Services offers you sound equipment for rent, of the main brands and of last generation.


Measuring 426mm wide by 531mm high by 700mm deep and weighing 40Kg, the MSUB15 is the same width as the GEO M10 (main) box, and 50% higher. With a single 15 ″ speaker with Neodymium magnet and 3 ″ mobile coil, the MSUB15 has integrated hanging and can be deployed in Omni or Cardioid mode, in arrays hung or stacked on the ground (groundstacks).


The GEO M10 is a great option for theaters and conference rooms for both fixed and portable installation. Using the Touring Bumper to hang up to 2 x MSUB15s with 6 x GEO M1012 per side we have a compact system of less than 250Kg of weight that does not obstruct the field of vision of any armchair in the room.


GEO M10 stacks on the ground are a perfect sound reinforcement solution for live events. Easy and fast deployment, this system uses the Touring Bumper to configure 2 x MSUB15s stacks with 3 x M1012 GEO boxes on top. And only a single NXAMP4x4 is needed to amplify and control a very capable stereo system that can be used for both music and speech.


Compact, lightweight and with an extended response from low to 59Hz, the GEO M10 is a powerful but visually unobtrusive sound reinforcement system for public spaces such as airports and theme parks. These 3-box arrays using the Light Bumper, and up to 4 of them (12 boxes in total), can be amplified with an NXAMP4X4, which can be connected in Dante, EtherSound or AES networks.


The larger GEO M10 arrays are ideal for live music with audiences up to 1000. In this system both the main boxes and the subs are hung: 12 x GEO M1012 per side using the Light Bumper and 8 x MSUB15s with the room and eighth sub (counting from above) pointing back. A NEXO NUAR rack per side provides power for this stereo system. An ideal option in the rental of sound for concert.

MD Servicios Audiovisuales complements its range of sound rental in Barcelona and Madrid, offering its customers a crisp and powerful sound for both voice, music and live concerts.
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