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How to make a Sustainable Event?


How to make a Sustainable Event?

Sustainable events are already a reality. Logic leads us to respect the environment as much as possible.

A Sustainable Event is designed to minimize negative environmental impacts, reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Only by avoiding individual pools of water are we helping to minimize the impact of your event on the environment.

Equally important is minimizing energy consumption, promoting sustainable mobility, avoiding air pollution, etc.

Reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

The events generate large amounts of waste, mainly plastic, glass and paper. We must learn to reduce and reuse them. It is essential to learn how to separate and recycle them. Whenever possible, possible materials from previous events should be reused.

Decrease energy and water consumption.

Try to take advantage of sunlight in well-lit rooms. Avoid as much as possible individual water containers.

Promote sustainable mobility.

Facilitate the way to the enclosure through other means of transport. On foot, by bicycle, by bus or by shared bus. Locate the event in a place accessible by foot and by public transport.

Distribute healthy and responsible food with the environment and health.

Prioritizing local products, organic products and fair trade products.

Protect the habitat of animals and plants.

It is necessary to change the vision we have of our environment and consider protection measures for natural resources. The location should be removed from sensitive natural places.

Raise awareness among attendees about respect for their environment.

Send environmental messages in the advertising of the event.

Use digital media, social networks, emails, etc. in the distribution of the event.

With ingenuity anything can be reused. For example, an information brochure may in the future be a bookmark or a calendar.

It is important to communicate to society in general, the value and impact of a sustainable event.

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