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Everything you need to know about the rental of LED screen for events

If you are considering renting an LED screen for an event, this is all you need to know:

Its versatility thanks to its composition through modules, allows the formation of multiple designs in countless applications. This translates into innovative ideas that apply technologically. It is no longer enough to google and find a company that offers the LED display rental service. The current tendency is to find specialist companies in technologically developing your concepts and ideas for their application in all kinds of events.

MD also offers curved LED screen rental. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it allows to make large designs of screen CURVA (CONNECTION and CONVEX) ± 15º. Ask for advice and design without limits for your event to be remembered.

Indoor / Outdoor
If your event is on the outside or inside, it will determine the type of screen you should rent. Outdoor LED displays are characterized by a much greater luster for outdoor use. An indoor LED screen will hardly be satisfactory when used outdoors.
There are screens that can be used in both environments thanks to the revolutionary DDC technology that allows dual Indoor / Outdoor use with daytime mode and night mode.
In addition the outdoor screens are prepared to withstand the adverse weather conditions. They are tested screens under the most extreme weather conditions and support the impact of dust and water.  
Pixel Pitch
When renting an LED screen the doubt arises that it is the Pixel Pitch. You should keep in mind that your choice influences resolution and image quality. The term Pixel Pitch refers to the distance between LEDs. For example, a 4.8 or 2.6 display translates to 4.8 millimeters between pixels or 2.6 millimeters between pixels. Select your viewing distance for optimal viewing. The smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the concentration of LEDs and the higher the resolution. If the viewing distance is greater, the distance between pixels may increase because it is less noticeable.

Its minimalist and thin design is compatible with the robustness necessary for the service and rental sector, due to its manufacture with ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight extruded aluminum, which facilitates quick and efficient assembly with both floor and fly support. This allows the rental of LED displays for scenery, stands, fairs, parties, unique spaces, conventions, etc. The applications are endless in different shapes and sizes, offering the rental of giant LED screens. They are widely used in major events, model shows, openings, concerts, DJs, cocktails, sporting events, product presentations, and so on.

In addition to the rental LED screens in Barcelona and Madrid, MD offers Advice and Technical Production. We are experts in developing technologically your concepts and ideas for its application in all kinds of events.    

MD Audiovisual Services has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED rental displays. They stand out for their image quality, high luminosity and resolution, as well as the great advantages and benefits offered by LED technology today.


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