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5 keys to Event Production



First of all, to say that a Producer, Technical Producer, Event Producer or whatever you call today, requires effort, passion, patience and a great knowledge of the sector.

To carry out the production of an audiovisual event, whether virtual, face-to-face or hybrid, many factors come into play, but the most important, and the one that can ruin all the months' work, is the DIRECT and the pressure generated by the attending public .

Having said all that, I comment below the 5 pillars, which under my experience and my understanding are important.

1.- At the initial point of the project, it is vitally important that the producer fully understands the idea that the client or Event Planner has in mind, and has the necessary experience to be able to advise on the design and technical production. If possible in a meeting and / or at the event location.

2.- Once the idea has been understood, the task is no other than to make known as a budget the best machines and human equipment to implement everything previously agreed. At this point it is very productive not to change a lot of ideas to give security to the whole team, also having a great knowledge of the sector makes it possible to present very economically adjusted quotes speaking.

3.- Once the project has an execution date, it is very important to work with the Staff closest to the technical needs of the event, as well as to transfer to the potential Partners all the information they need so that we can coordinate with each other. For this reason, having good people and good contacts makes it possible to solve any unforeseen situation.

4.-Execution of the project. Arrived the day of the act, is when everything is set in motion, the day of the assembly is where it is seen on the ground, if a good advance of the act has been made, is where all the work, preparations, measures, comes to light. etc. At this point, getting ahead of the possible problems is a good letter so as not to hinder anyone's work. In this way it is necessary to lead the tempos and the human group well so that everything goes as planned. To take into account ... logistics, access of the material and staff, outsourced material, if there is, if so, you must be sure of the compatibility with the one used in property, electricity consumption, power outlets , set design, furniture, lighting, video, sound, timming of all involved being able to plan the stops to eat, etc. And most importantly ... THE DETAILS, these will be the culprits of causing a WOOOWWW effect in the client, as they are actions that only improve the event.

5.- Tests and act. Once Day D arrives, it is very important to convey confidence and security to the client, empathy will make you understand the nerves that generates everything and the client must be able to act as a host without having to worry about anything of the technique.

The technical staff is already in position, with their stairs in front, and with the well-assimilated tests, that they do for this before they open doors. You just have to hear the beginning with a GO ... You just have to be attentive to the possible help required by the live and enjoy a good job.


David Lago

Event Producer

MD Audiovisual Services

MD Audiovisual Services offers advice and audiovisual technical production, and has its own resources to technically carry out your event. 

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