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Allianz Sports 2022

The ninth edition of Allianz Sports, Allianz's global corporate Olympic Games, was held in Barcelona. Nearly 1,500 athletes from 64 different countries have competed in 106 disciplines within the framework of 14 sports. 

Allianz Sports 2022

The inauguration of the games took place in the Montjuich pools, where the various performances were visualized by means of a multi-camera production through a large 9 by 5 meter LED screen. Steadycam, fixed cameras, dolly-mounted cameras, etc. and even underwater cameras for shots of the synchronized swim team.

“multi-camera production with aquatic shots” 

In addition, MD has installed audiovisual equipment in different stadiums during the three days that the Allianz games competitions have lasted.

MD Audiovisual Services has extensive experience in live productions. We are specialists both in the production and in the broadcast of content through projection, LED screens, Videowalls, monitors or Streaming. Our production racks support multiple cameras and their integrated double recording offers a high resolution security backup. They admit qualifications and support billboards/videos for sponsorships or content of the event.

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Agencia: B2 Botey Produccions de Disseny 

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